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Zendikar Rising - Limited Set Review - Black

Welcome back to our next chapter of the Zendikar Rising Limited Set Review! In today's article I will be making my predictions for how strong each of the set's Black cards will be in Limited, and more specifically Draft. As always, my 5-point scale is as follows:

1.0 = Unplayable

2.0 = Not often desired

3.0 = Decent filler to round out most decks

4.0 = High priority, finishers

5.0 = Top Pick, must have

And as always, all opinions and card ratings in this article are my own. Let's jump in!

Acquisitions Expert

Interesting concept, but any time the opponent doesn't reveal their entire hand from the effect they will be able to keep the card(s) that is(are) most important. I expect to hold off on playing this card until the effect really matters.

Rating: 2.0

Blood Beckoning

Inexpensive for the effect, but when cast with Kicker it becomes par for the course. It is still a great effect and I expect to play this as a one-of when I don't have enough creatures in my deck.

Rating: 2.0

Blood Price

Picking two of the top four cards in the library for 4 mana and 2 life is pretty fair, and on par with similar cards in recent Standard sets. I'd be happy to play one in my deck, but probably no more than that.

Rating: 2.5

Bloodchief's Thirst

Great removal for early threats as well as late game must-kill targets. The scaling cost that relates to the targeted creature is very fair, and the only thing missing is instant speed.

Rating: 4.0

Coveted Prize

Normally cards like this that let the player search their library for a card aren't worth the slot unless there is also a game winning spell that needs to be drawn as soon as possible. With this spell, the upside of getting to cast any spell from hand if a full Party is in play is very enticing. If getting enough creatures for a full party is easy enough, this card is pure value.

Rating: 4.0

Deadly Alliance

Fair removal spell without any creatures in play, and the possible discount makes this card even more desirable. Without a doubt one of the go-to removal spells in Limited.

Rating: 4.0

Demon's Disciple

Requires some playing around so as not to accidentally sacrifice itself or leave the opponent with their best creatures, but a great effect otherwise.

Rating: 3.0

Drana, the Last Bloodchief

Great stats, and the ability being triggered by Drana attacking instead of dealing damage to a player makes this card scary. I would play this with spells to get it back from the graveyard for when the opponent inevitably commits all their resources to keeping Drana off the battlefield.

Rating: 5.0

Drana's Silencer

Pretty expensive, and requires a lot of setup to kill a creature of moderate toughness. At common the power level makes sense, but whether it is worth playing will have to be seen.

Rating: 2.0


A great persistent attacker when the lands are flowing and likely most vulnerable during the opponent's turn. I predict it to be a capable common finisher.

Rating: 3.0

Expedition Skulker

Occasional Deathtouch is fine, and this creature will be fine for Rogue heavy decks or just for filling the lower end of the deck's mana curve.

Rating: 2.5

Feed the Swarm

One of many subjects for debate in the MTG community at the moment, black finally has access to enchantment removal. Capable of killing just about everything the opponent controls that matters, but be cautious about when/what to kill as the life lost to kill one creature could be substantial.

Rating: 3.5

Ghastly Gloomhunter

There aren't too many creatures with Flying in the set, and I feel like this creature will probably steal a fraction of the opponent's life before it is dealt with. Quite expensive at 6 mana, but making the creature bigger might be difficult for the opponent to deal with. I expect to prioritize Party members over this, but I would be happy to play this card if I needed inexpensive creatures.

Rating: 2.5

Guul Draz Mucklord