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Top 5's August 2020

In my last article, I wrote about some of the hard hits on the MTG community this year so today I will give some insights on specs and interests of my own. A lot of people in the MTG Finance community don't like giving out information regarding their personal specs, how much money they have invested, how large or small their inventory is, etc., but I feel that being transparent about that information will help you gain some comfort and trust in both me as a content creator and your own investments. 2020 has been crazy, but there are still some ways that we can financially make the best of it in the long run. So here are my top five interests from Core 2021 going into August. Please keep in mind that charts and prices are based on the day I am writing this (which is currently 7/26/2020).


Stormwing Entity

Stormwing Entity is a top end hitter in current Ux Prowess decks on arena. It's almost (almost) a comparison to Tempest Djinn in terms of how it is used in decks. When paper magic becomes an event we can partake in again on a regular basis, people are going to be looking for cards to grab and many times budget decks are popular or easy to put together. This is especially true in a world where Temur Rec is worth more than a month's salary. It's currently sitting just over a dollar on TCGPlayer, but is approaching the $3 on sites like Card Kingdom and Star City Games. Prediction: $6

Currently I own: 17 (online bulk purchases)

Liliana, Waker of the Dead

Liliana, Waker of the Dead is something that caught my eye the moment it was spoiled. As a 4 CMC walker she makes her presence known immediately. One ability protects the card, one ability advances the late game, and the ultimate is a huge threat to any deck. Currently on a market average of $4-5, this card is steadily falling due to not having a home. The four cost slot in many decks with a control or midrange plan already play something else, but the format is rotating soon and I think Liliana will be looking for a home. I think the price will dip even more and it wouldn't surprise me if it hits $2 or $3. You can find cheaper prices on TCG right now as some of the larger retail stores have her priced all the way up to $9.

Prediction: $18

Currently I own: 4 but looking to get more (TCG Player bought all at avg $4.50)

Mazemind Tome (Foil)

Alright so I'm not always the best at finding things on the internet, but I can't seem to find a non-extended graph for Mazemind Tome on MTGStocks right now. Either way - all copies of this card are worth picking up. This is a card that fits in any deck for any format (including Commander... hint hint). Foils of the regular can be found for under $3 on TCGPlayer, extended non-foil for around $5-$6, and foil entended art for around $10. My main focus right now for August is foil regular art version, but if I find extended version in trades I won't turn them down. If you've got the money for the extended foil it's currently on a 40%+ weekly increase. Prediction (foil regular): $6 Prediction (extended foil): $25

Currently I own: 24 (I've been picking them up on Facebook Local Groups and Sell Groups for about $1)

Chandra, Heart of Fire

Chandra, Heart of Fire is another card that I feel fits the same story as Liliana, Walker of the Dead. It's a great mid-late game draw for decks that play red and can definitely end the game. Regular versions can be found for less than $1 on TCG right now. Planeswalkers in standard are cards that I personally prefer to pick up as regular versions unless they are multi-format popular (see also T3feri). Mythic walkers are never a bad pickup because even if they tank you can still put them into a bulk buylist and your losses can be slightly mitigated. Prediction: $9

Currently I own: 10 all from TCGPlayer for less than $1.

Sanctum of All (Extended Art Foil)

I'm sure some of you saw this coming a mile away. Sanctum of All (and the other five shrines) has created quite an uproar in the Commander community. If you look at the stats on EDHRec it is currently in almost 400 decks with an overwhelming majority of those being Sisay, Weatherlight Captain. With access to 11 shrines and a few copy enchantment spells, this "Shrine lord" is quickly becoming a staple in five color decks. Extended art foils can be found on TCGPlayer for less than $4 right now and are one of those cards you buy and store away for some time. This is a casual favorite and will be for a long time.

Prediction: $25

Currently I own: 0 but I intend to pick some up shortly. My income has also been affected by the events of 2020.


In a few months I'll touch back on this article to see how these predictions are doing. Keep in mind that anything can happen and everything is always subject to change. The MTG Finance community thrives on last second situations and 2020 has given us a lot of those. Until next time folx! Follow me on Twitter @DVPlaysMTG and find me in The Lotus Council discord!

Credit to the artist for the cover image goes to Nikki Smith of Rage Quit and Stick - check her stuff out on Etsy and Instagram and support local artists!

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