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Strixhaven Commander - Sneak Peek!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The Commander decks are modeled and built around the theme of professors from the school of Strixhaven. On the one-year anniversary of Gavin Verhey's YouTube Channel, Good Morning Magic, he debuted the art for three of the Professors:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:


Willowdusk is the professor from Witherbloom, the green and black biologists from Strixhaven. Willowdusk is an unknown age and came to the school after guiding some lost students back to campus after getting stranded in a bog. She taught the students about herbs and was asked to stay on at the school as a professor after bringing the students back safely.


Osgir headlines the Commander deck for Lorehold, the red and white college focused on relics and treasures of the past. Osgir has mastered the art of duplicative restoration and can make sure he always gets what he wants from even the smallest historical artifacts. Gavin mentioned Osgir will be a great red and white commander for players looking for a general that isn’t based around attacking.


Zaffai is the face for the Prismari deck, the blue and red college. Zaffai flourished at an early age as a mage and musician and is now the conductor and maestro of the orchestra of the arcane. Their music fills the sky with explosions of elemental magic.


Adrix and Nev teach together and they grew up in the mana rich waters of Pinzari Isles.


Breena is a Bird Warlock


Gavin also gave us some hints:

  • A mono-white card that creates Treasure

  • Two cards that call back to the same mechanical reference to something in Future Sight

  • A chef that makes Food tokens

  • A card that gives you a bonus for casting a spell with mana value ten or greater

  • A red creature with flash that casts a popular multiplayer spell upon entering the battlefield

  • A card that creates face-down permanents that are not morphs

  • There is a permanent with an ability that begins, "Whenever a Kraken, Leviathan, Octopus, or Serpent..."

  • There is a card which does something for X, where X is your commander's mana value

  • There is a card that asks you to secretly choose an opponent

  • There is a card which gives named counters that act like a popular multiplayer cycle

  • There is a legendary creature with 3 different tap abilities

  • There is a new card with... the storm mechanic?!?!?!?

Lastly, here are some card names that Gavin dropped:

  • Inferno Project

  • Bold Plagiarist

  • Paradox Zone

  • Geometric Nexus

  • Perplexing Test

  • Monologue Tax

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