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Scars of Mirrodin Box Break!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Good afternoon, everyone!

Fef from The Lotus Council here with an exciting announcement for the channel!

For those of you in our Discord server, you know we had posted a poll for box breaks from our beloved Wherefore a few weeks ago. That poll finally closed, and we’re happy to announce the winner: Scars of Mirrodin!

The Scars of Mirrodin Booster Box contains 36 Booster Packs. We are able to offer these packs at $14 each.

The shipping charge for all box breaks is an additional $4 added to your purchase amount, and you will receive all contents of your packs in a bubble mailer. (If you don’t want/need the lot of cards, let us know what you would like out of them, and we can discuss other options.)

If you’re interested in purchasing any packs, please go to the box breaks channel in our Discord server for more information! We’ll see you there!

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