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Rotation and Specs

Welcome back! As you all know, rotation is coming up shortly and there are certain trends that always follow whenever that happens. You can always check out this website for a handy guide to when how what is happening, but we are saying sweet good-byes to Guilds of Ravnica, Ravnica Allegiance, War of the Spark, and Core Set 2020 at the end of September 2020. The sets that are leaving Standard happen to be full of goodies for other formats that will (or have already) started seeing significant price changes. Let's go over a few awesome cards to grab before rotation while they are still valuable and easy on the wallet.


Divine Visitation

What a beautifully unique card! Divine Visitation has held a fairly constant $8 price, but recently saw a small spike with the introduction of Theros: Beyond Death. Understandably so, there are a number of things that have added to it's recent popularity. It's on a small downward trend at the moment and I believe that is due to it's current status of leaving standard soon. This is something that is a Commander staple for almost any white deck or token deck and will see a slow trend upward over time. Pending a reprint any time soon, I feel like this card could easily see $25 non-foil $40+ foil.


Golos, Tireless Pilgrim

Golos has seen a recent trend on EDHRec as a Commander and has flown under the radar for quite some time. A lot of people associate this card with Field of the Dead decks due to the ability to find land, but there is a lot more potential for that. Now that we have 11 shrines legal in Commander, as well as Maze's End, and ridiculous cards from all five colors you can get some nuts plays out of Golos. Being able to play cards for free (and on your opponents turn) is always a great thing in Commander. Currently sitting around $5 this is a great pick-up or addition to any current cart you might have. It might dip a bit, but I wouldn't wait for it. Foils are already around $30-$35 and I fully expect the nonfoil versions to trend up to meet that.


Command the Dreadhorde

Black decks in Commander have proven to be very strong, especially in the late game. It's never a secret that being able to play creatures directly from the graveyard is a great advantage to running black in a deck, much less being able to play YOUR OPPONENTS CREATURES. Did I also mention Planeswalkers? At six mana this card is outright bonkers when played with perfect timing in Commander. Yes you have to pay some life, but that can often be mitigated with the right build. This rare from War of the Spark is currently sitting around $2 foil and bulk for non-foils. Pick up as many as you can, put them into sleeves or binders, then stash that into a closet and forget about them. Enjoy the free money in a year or two. I predict these to climb to around $5 non-foil and $8-10 foil. Buy them all before I do.


Finale of (insert word here)

Sure this is more than one card, and because of that I used the Scryfall link as MTGStocks doesn't allow you to search that specifically. Finale of Devastation, Finale of Eternity, Finale of Glory, Finale of Promise, and Finale of Revelation all have their ups and downs, but definitely fit within many Commander builds. Let's break these down individually first:

Finale of Devastation is already over $20 for the non-foil and that is due to it's popularity in Pioneer, Modern, Standard, and every other format it is legal in. Many times X cost "search" spells like this in green are very strong and very popular, and this one is no exception. Being able to find your winning creature AND pump the team is one giant way to win. I don't think it will go much higher so I wouldn't go buying them left and right, but it's always a good card to keep an eye out for.

Finale of Eternity is another "return creatures to the battlefield" card. Perfectly fit for black decks, it even has a bit more text allowing you to destroy some creatures first. At $2 this is a good pick-up and I honestly thing you can find it for closer to $1. This is one of those hidden Commander gems that everyone forgets about until suddenly your battlefield is full of your opponents creatures. 10/10 always buying this one.

Finale of Glory was a great finisher in Standard decks that ran Fae of Wishes or Teferi, Time Raveler allowing you to play it when you most need it. It's still a decent card and is an auto-include in many white token builds for Commander. If you can find it around $1 it's a good card to "binder and forget".

Finale of Promise saw a lot of initial play in Arclight Phoenix decks or UR Spells decks as a win-condition. This is one of those cards that will find a home in UR Commander decks like Niv-Mizzet that run big red or blue spells. Grab them around $1 if you can.

Finale of Revelation is a big deal blue card that fits into any deck running the color. Mono blue decks are fairly popular and this is a huge staple for Baral or Kefnet decks. Sitting around $4-$5 right now it's a good grab, but I predict it will eventually find the $10 mark.


There are more...

However this is my small list of cards that stick out immediately to grab. To be honest the best time to grab these was starting about a month ago, but there is still time. Cards that rotate have a tendency to fall until about two weeks after the new set comes out (subject to change). There is always a chance that something will change them for Pioneer/Commander/Pauper or whatever format they will continue to be legal in so keep that in mind. Until next time folks!

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