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Holiday Giveaway 2021

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

In case you hadn't heard, we'll be doing a special giveaway for the 2021 Holiday season. We'll be opening various cards to create a sealed pool to build a commander deck to give away to one of our lucky followers. To win, you have to be in our discord and subscribed to our YouTube channel at the time of the drawing. The contest is limited to the US, unless the winner is willing to pay for shipping internationally. The winner will be announced on Dec. 24th through a video on the channel. The last day to enter is Dec. 23rd.

To get an idea of what packs will be in the pool, watch this video. The entry form can be found here.

Here is the first look at some potential commanders in Video 2. Video 3 sees the addition of JumpStart packs to the pool. Video 4 shows two Dragon's Maze prerelease kits added to the pool. Video 5 includes the addition of a Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms prerelease kit. Video 6 shows the addition of a Quandrix Strixhaven Prerelease Kit to the card pool. Video 7 added a Silverquil prerelease kit and Rhystic Buddy. With Video 8, Jank was added to the giveaway (did anyone really expect anything different from Sona?). In Video 9, a Modern Horizons II Prerelease kit is added to the pool. Video 10 sees the addition of a Doubles Master Draft pack. In Video 11, Sona finds out if the giveaway withers or blooms with a Witherbloom Strixhaven Prerelease kit. The Prismari Strixhaven Prerelease kit in Video 12 makes the giveaway sing in Video 12. In Video 13, Sona adds some Lore to the giveaway with a Lorehold Strixhaven Prerelease kit. In Video 14, something Legendary is added to the giveaway from Commander Legends. Video 15 has Vikings, Snow, and Metal. Video 16 finds out if the giveaway is MID. In Video 17, a Zendikar Rising prerelease kit makes landfall in the giveaway. In Video 18, the giveaway crashes into a gate. In Video 19, Sona finds that the giveaway is in the bag. Video 20 gets the addition of a Throne of Eldraine Prerelease kit to the giveaway pool. In Video 21, Sona finds favor on Theros for the giveaway. Finally in Video 22, Sona finishes opening packs for the giveaway with M19, M20, Time Spiral Remastered, War of the Spark, Innistrad Crimson Vow and Ikoria.

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