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Gnome Care Packages

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "What on EARTH is a Gnome Care Package?" Well I'm glad you asked, and you'll be glad you did too. The Gnome Care Package is a wonderful creation put together by our creative and generous sponsors at Geekified located in Iowa. The Packages are donation based, ranging from $80 - $120 and come with more than that in value of goods! All of the donations go straight back into the Geekified community. The way it works, they will fill a regional rate B box with Magic: The Gathering product and or related Magic product for your donation. We're looking to help spread some cheer this way, raise money for store expenses and to help people that need it.

Each Gnome Pack will contain at least the following items:

- Your choice of a colour scheme.

- 1 Random Playmat

- 10 randomised booster packs from sets currently in print

- Sleeves

- Theme Boosters

- Pre-Release Kit from a current standard set

- Dice and/or counters

Higher Donations will receive accessories and higher valued items of those in lower donation packages. These accessories can be items such as deck boxes, metal dice/counters, stickers, and more!

I've included pictures we've received from people who have purchased them, ranging from low and high donations. Check them out for yourself, and if you're interested, please reach out in our discord channel to get connected with him!



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