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Creator Spotlight: ZBexx

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Our next installment in this series covers one of our favorite cosplay artists, ZBexx! She has an amazing attitude and we've worked with her in the past on the MTG 31 Days of Christmas!

Do you play Magic? If so, when did you first start playing?

Yes! I started playing in 2011, M12 was my first set (Innistrad block followed in the fall).

When did you first start creating Magic content, and what inspired you to make that jump?

I've been cosplaying MTG since 2011 as well, making one costume per year when attending large events both as a spectator amd player. I really started creating more in 2018 making 4 cosplays that year and starting my social media presence. Multiple friends and family were noticing my talent and appreciating it especially after wearing Jaya Ballard at GP Seattle 2018, nudging me to step onto my next proverbial stage.

What kind of Magic content do you create?

I cosplay many MTG cards notable Legendarys like Nissa, Serra, Kaalia & Gallia to classic favorite cards like Restoration Angel and Serum Visions. I make YouTube and Twitch video content of pack openings, box openings, MTG Arena gameplay, cosplay tutorials and more! Lastly, I write a MTG cosplay column at

What was the first piece of content that you made?

My first cosplay was Liliana of the Veil, cosplayed at Pro Tour DKA. It's just really great proof we all start somewhere, I have come a long way!

Here's my more recent Liliana:

What is the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome while creating Magic content?

I haven't felt like there has been a huge obstacle to overcome. My journey has been steady and constantly growing. I have slowly made more space and time at home to craft, over years acquired pieces of cosplay tools and streaming equipment, and always doing the best with what I have in the present moment. I suppose figuring out what works on different platforms has been a long trial and error process. For example my first YouTube videos are in portrait, but most users commented they prefer landscape. Really no one obstacle, simply consistently making small adjustments to improve overall.

Along those same lines, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring content creators?

Listen to advice from friends and critics. If you notice a repeated comment, then see how you can improve that aspect if you wish to continue. Create in a way which serves you best! Don't compare yourself to other creators--we are all at different stages and each unique!

What is your favorite aspect of Magic?

The people I meet through game are what have kept me here. Getting invited to social drafts with friends to meeting new friends online and at Magic Fests, all while playing a fun challenging game with beautiful artwork. I'm a true sucker for the entirety of the gathering.

If you had the keys to the castle (Wizards of the Coast HQ) for a day, what would you change about Magic?

  1. Un-ban Deathrite Shaman in Legacy!

  2. Give every creator I know a fabulous preview card (including myself)

  3. Bring back the Lore blog (and solidify Gruulfriends)

  4. Hire more cosplayers!

Thank you for reading Zbexx's article, we hope that you'll check out more of her work below!

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