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Creator Spotlight: The Loregoyfs

Our next installment in this series covers one of our favorite Vorthos comedy podcasts, The Loregoyfs!

Do you play Magic? If so, when did you first start playing?

We all started at different points between Revised and Khans of Tarkir. Between all of us, we’ve got almost the entirety of Magic history covered.

When did you first start creating Magic content, and what inspired you to make that jump?

The Loregoyfs started three years ago, right as the Kaladesh story was wrapping up. There wasn’t much Vorthos community content being created at the time and we love story so it seemed like a great fit.

What kind of Magic content do you create?

Our podcast retells Magic stories with an emphasis on historical accuracy. Just kidding! We are all about bringing the humor out of the Magic story, even if that requires taking some liberties with the details. Turns out there is an audience for comedy and lore discussions. We also do a lot of serious discussion of real world topics, what lessons we can pull from the story, and have an ongoing Ravnica D&D campaign.

What was the first piece of content that you made?

Kaladesh story summary and discussion of flavor hits and misses for Aether Revolt

What is the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome while creating Magic content?

The last year and a half has had some very low points in Magic story. As a podcast that is inspired by good stories and putting our own twist on them, the move away from weekly short stories required a new approach.

Along those same lines, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring content creators?

Create because you want to make something for yourself. If other people enjoy it, that’s fantastic. If what you are creating no longer brings you joy, step back from it or rethink what you want to do going forward.

What is your favorite aspect of Magic?

The community. That is why we spend hours and our own money putting together content we care about. We’ve met so many lifelong friends through this community and if we’ve made people laugh or smile along the way, we’re grateful.

If you had the keys to the castle (Wizards of the Coast HQ) for a day, what would you change about Magic?

We just had an entire episode devoted to things we think WotC could be doing better. Please take a listen if you’d like to hear all our opinions on this topic

Thank you for reading The Loregoyfs' article, we hope that you'll check out more of their work below!

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