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Creator Spotlight: Infinite Card Games

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Do you play Magic? If so, when did you first start playing?

Yes I do play magic, with Commander being my main format. I like Commander because it allows for thought and fun when building decks. Only being able to have one of each card makes it more challenging to build a deck which is what I enjoy. One of my favorites is my budget Kenrith deck that allows for me to do multiple infinite combos while not doing anything so I don't look like a threat. I started playing around the time of Innistrad, what a time that was, I got 2nd in my first tournament at my college and won 6 Innistrad packs!

When did you first start creating Magic content, and what inspired you to make that jump?

I started creating casually around a year and a half ago. I thought to myself, what if people could experience the joy and excitement that I get when opening packs. Then it was actually Exotic MTG that gave me the push to start my own channel and it inspired me to continue and keep on creating.

What kind of Magic content do you create?

The kind of content I create is pretty normal honestly. I open packs, I play arena, I do deck techs, I have giveaways, and I talk about all the new sets and how they will affect the meta game. I also do a lot of collaboration between different YouTube channels which is always fun.

What was the first piece of content that you made?

My first piece of content was actually gameplay of two modern deck that was filmed almost 2 years ago. this was a very interesting game and the two decks are elemental breach vs death and taxes.

What is the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome while creating Magic content?

The biggest obstacle that I have had to overcome, is the amount of watch time that my channel gets. Yes, I have over the 1,000 subs, but the watch time is where it is low and I have been working to help get that resolved. There are a lot more videos to come!

Along those same lines, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring content creators?

I would tell them to share what they can and always pay it forward. That has always worked for me because it always come back around eventually. Also to reach out to other content creators and see if you can collaborate with them that has also helped me in the past.

What is your favorite aspect of Magic?

My favorite aspect of magic is the fellowship that you get out of it. Back when we were able to go to a shop and sit down and play, you were able to make friend just by playing a game that you enjoy. I know since I moved right before all of this happened I went to my local shop which was pretty large and I played a couple games and from there I was able to make friends just from that game.

If you had the keys to the castle (Wizards of the Coast HQ) for a day, what would you change about Magic?

Honestly if I had the keys to the castle i don't know if I would change anything to a game I already love. Maybe I'd create a card of my own, but that's about it.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Infinite Care Games for agreeing to this interview and we hope that you'll go check out his content!

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