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Creator Spotlight: High Ground MTG

High Ground MTG is run by KyGuy & SpinyMaus.

Do you play Magic? If so, when did you first start playing?

We do! We both started playing around M15/Khans Block.

When did you first start creating Magic content, and what inspired you to make that jump?

Just back in April (2020)! As COVID hit and we couldn't play in our LGS anymore, we wanted to try and still play Magic, and share that experience with others.

What kind of Magic content do you create?

We make Magic content focused on the Modern format.

What was the first piece of content that you made?

This is the first video our channel made:

Since then we have continued to create content that we think people will enjoy, and that we enjoy as well!

What is the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome while creating Magic content?

Promoting our channel and getting our name out there has been a grind! There are so many talented content creators, it’s a tough field to get noticed!

Along those same lines, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring content creators?

Always let your personality shine through! Let people know you’re having fun!

What is your favorite aspect of Magic?

The social part is really fun! Getting to meet new people and play fun games.

If you had the keys to the castle (Wizards of the Coast HQ) for a day, what would you change about Magic?

We’d get rid of the Reserve List!






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