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Creator Spotlight: Booster Therapy

Our second installment in the Creator Spotlight Series is Booster Therapy!

Booster Therapy is run by Brett and Patrick and they both have been playing Magic since the Urza block.

After that, they both took a LONG break around the Kamigawa block and came back during Ixalan.

When did you first start creating Magic content?

"We started making videos together in September 2018 and we were simply inspired by enjoying so many others out there doing it and having fun (and an addiction to cracking packs). We figured, why not take this addiction and share it with the WORLD!"

What kind of Magic content do two create? "Box Openings, Commander related series called "Commanding Presence", Magic commentary, live streaming on Magic Arena, and we always look to evolve and continue trying new things!"

What was the first piece of content that you created? "A booster box opening of Oath of the Gatewatch... it was awful." Speaking of which, you can watch it here:

What is the biggest obstacle that you've had to overcome as a content creator? "There are always obstacles. In part we had some naysayers, people who just aren't fans of us or the mission, another part is trying to get noticed, it can be tough! One of the final parts is being able to find the time. As you grow. the demand for time grows with it, and with both Patrick and Brett working full-time with families and careers, it can be tough!"

Along those same lines, what is some advice that you would give to aspiring content creators? "Remember you're diving into this for the passion of it all! If you focus too much on how quickly things grow or your presence is established, it will start feeling like a job and you'll start missing out on why you started doing this in the first place!"

What is your favorite aspect of Magic? Brett: "Limited drafting. I can't get enough of it, its a real challenge and a constant test of your deck building skills."

Patrick: "It's a game with endless possibilities. Freedom to test, manipulate and break into new ideas!"

Patrick & Brett: "The community. There is NOTHING like the Magic community!"

If you had the keys to the castle for the day, how would you change Magic? "The competitive scene. I feel like WotC could own this and develop it rather than third parties coming in to create this for us. Arena is a great first step but when/if we get back to paper magic tournaments I would love to see Magicfest and beyond, owned and ran by WotC."

Any additional information that you'd like to share: "Feel free to check out our website and reach out and connect with us! Patrick and Brett love the opportunity to engage with anyone that comments on their videos or reaches out! WE LOVE OUR FANS!"


We'd like to extend a huge thank you to Patrick and Brett for taking the time to answer our questions. Please take a few minutes to check them out at their links below, you won't be dissappointed!






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