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Wizards of the Coast delays Commander Collection: Green due to COVID-19-related supply issues

Today, Wizards of the Coast had made an announcement on their website regarding the highly anticipated, Commander Collection: Green product. Magic players were met with bittersweet news upon clicking the article: WotC has chosen to postpone the release of Commander Collection: Green.

Now, to a lot of players, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. COVID-19 has already shown the effects it's had on Magic with the current supply/demand issue we’re seeing with Jumpstart currently. If you aren’t aware, the prices of Jumpstart are currently floating at around $140 per box. Mark Rosewater has made a statement on Twitter, as well as the official WotC Twitter account, confirming that Jumpstart will not be a limited print product.

That being said, it’s probably for the best that they’re postponing the release. Nobody is going to be happy to find their LGS is getting significantly less pieces than they had originally been told, and their pre-order is being refunded or pushed back, and not many people are going to be happy paying the inflated prices for the product to have it sooner than others.

While we all want our shiny new cards, we understand that the COVID-19 Pandemic is wreaking havoc is just about every aspect of our lives right now. We hope that you all are staying safe out there!

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