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Welcome to the official website of The Lotus Council!

The Lotus Council, LLC exists to provide a community for Magic: The Gathering players to come together and share what they love about the game. We will facilitate trading, deck building guidance, and webcam & digital gameplay, among many other topics. It is our desired goal to foster community through gaming and provide a safe and welcoming environment for all who wish to participate. In order to make this a safe and welcome space, we have instituted the following guidelines for our community. Our main team consists of 5 members working alongside one another and with the community to bring you the best content we can. Please check out what we have to offer, we’d love to have you join us! Thanks for stopping by!




Web Admin & Graphics

Fef’s Planeswalker spark ignited around the time Jhoira completed the Weatherlight. Her first Planeswalk was to the mostly depleted Zendikar, and fell in love. Not with its eclectic, though small band of denizens, nor any of its flora or fauna. She fell in love with its emptiness, the devestation that marred the landscapes. Setting out to discover what could have possibly caused such destruction, she marshalled her favorite Commanders, the trusty trio, Trostani, and the Vexatious Varina. Will she find the answers? Only time, and maybe lots of fire will tell. 
“As Jaya always said, ‘When in doubt, release the biggest boom you know.” 


-Chandra Nalaar 

20210409_160210 (1).jpg


Stream Team Member & Writer

Hailing from the Great White North, Sebastien, probably better known as "WoWo," is one of the founding members of The Lotus Council. As a streamer on his own channel, he is very familiar with the ins and outs of Twitch moderation, which makes him the perfect streamer for us! He will also be doing a lot of behind the scenes work, as well as being the head writer for our skit segments!

Sebastien has been playing since Innistrad, and EDH is his favorite format. He is a planeswalker collector and has never actually traded or sold one away. His favorite Planeswalker card is Liliana of the Veil, and his favorite card in his collection is his Lion's Eye Diamond.



Social Media Manager & Writer

Sona started playing MTG during Revised, after his cousin introduced him to the game. He mowed lawns to pay for booster packs and after opening a bunch of Homelands, it didn't seem worth it. He collected on and off over the years until his son found his cards prior to a cross country move. With Arena and War of the Spark, he got back into the game and quickly became intrigued by Commander and Brawl. He plays a variety of formats, from Brawl & Commander to Standard & Pioneer. He enjoys playing limited and has what some might say is an unhealthy obsession with Jank. He writes the Jankmander series for The Lotus Council.



Web Admin & Writer

Koert has been playing Magic since about 1995 and enjoys talking Magic, covering just about any topic (gameplay, deckbuilding, finance, rumors, etc.). Should you have any suggestions, or just want to chat, feel free to send him an email!

Koert also co-founded Project MTG back in 2017 to help foster and promote online MTG communities. He was previously the Web Admin for ExoticMTG and is the current Web Admin for The Lotus Council and the MTG 31 Days of Christmas project.



Bot Programmer and Box Breaker

Boros in the streets and Dimir in the sheets, Liam started playing Magic in 1993 with the release of Unlimited. He still remembers trading away a “worthless” Mox Pearl for a Craw Wurm. Since then, Liam has been playing and collecting cards and sealed product on and off. Though he prefers limited formats, you can also find him playing Standard and webcam EDH.


A certified Magic Judge, Liam looks forward to once again being able to participate in in-person events. In the meantime, he enjoys cracking open sealed boxes and talking Magic with anyone who will listen.


Visit Geekified Online!


Council Sponsor and LGS

Geekified is run by Andrew, lovingly known as McGnomer on Discord. He has graciously offered to sponsor The Lotus Council and our members will be able to order sealed MTG items, along with singles and MTG-related accessories directly from

If you don't have a friendly, local game store near you, please consider checking with Geekified for all of your Magic-related needs!

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